Thursday, December 31, 2009

Friday Flaunt

This wasn't finished this week but was made as a xmas gift for a friend of mine, she'd admired the original quilt which is below when staying with us. And as she' d lost her mother earlier in the year I thought a quilt would be a good xmas present for her. As have I now
made 3 of these quilts now I am not planning on making anymore in the near future.

This is the original quilt which was a BOM from I know she has some patterns still but they aren't up on her website. (well I couldn't see them) Susan has some lovely ideas for quilts so it's worth a look to see what she has.

And this one I made for one of my son's girlfriend when she was 21. It's my favourite.
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Its so windy here in Wellington NZ the chair has blown over in the wind. The wind must have had a strong gust as there is a fence behind. Too windy for gardening so sad might even allow myself to do some quilting!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Squilters an online group I belong to has had members showing the view from their sewing rooms. Since I have been banished back to the dining room this is the view from the dining room window and the table that I have managed to make a mess on since xmas day.
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