Thursday, January 14, 2010

Here is my Friday flaunt for this week an Amy Butler pattern which I made bags for my daughter and myself. Just love the pattern and will make another bag or 2 but will have to remember not to use such stiff interfacing it is not necessary.

Here is Bolt bored while I was making net curtains for 2 newly painted rooms. And underneath is what Bolt did to one curtain so might have to buy and make a new curtain which is really annoying as I would rather quilt. It's been bad enough having to make these curtains.
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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year resolutions

I have been thinking about these every year they are almost the same.

Lose weight, this has to happen healthwise as I have had a heart attack, diabetes runs in my family and I had it when pregnant with my last child. I worked out to get to the weight I should be I need to lose 20 kgs, so I must be quite overweight.
Hopefully putting this on my blog will give me the incentive I need.

Finish those UFO's well thats another from each year I haven't counted how many I have but guess it will be the same as last year as I have started a few and finished a few.

Make at least 6 quilts for the day ward at the cancer centre, I started a few when my friend was diagnosed with cancer and I really want to make these as she didn't survive. A few of these are UFO's

Don't buy fabric I do not have plans to use in a quilt that means fabric on special, as I do not have a sewing room any more and the kids have bought lots of their things back with them there is no room!!!!!!!!! I need to use what I have.

One of my selfish resolutions is to have more time for myself I sometimes find i am running around having a great social life and when I am actually home I only seem to be doing housework or catching up with other chores and not enjoying being home or spending enough time with my family

And lastly update my blog more often

Thats it I think how about you have you any New year resolutions?????