Friday, September 28, 2012

2 surprises for me

As usual I have been absent for a while but have been busy had 2 quilts to get organised for 2 different shows.

This quilt which was called Antique Sampler Blues from the pattern by Antique Sampler by Sue Daley entered into the Pinestream Quilt show at Upper Hutt.It won Best Machine quilting so that was a surprise as I had used Sue B's longarm machine. But really exciting as I loved every minute of making this quilt. Actually I am wrong because adding a hanging sleeve and putting on the label are really boring and might be why a lot of my quilts do not have labels.

This week was is Wellington Quilters guild Exhibition I spend Wednesday helping to hang the quilts what a fun day that was it is so lovely seeing all the beautiful quilts go up on the walls.
I entered The Dutch bastard which is in another post I had to rename it so we came up with De Dutch deliquent.
And look what it won

So it has been worth all the blood sweat and tears. The last tale of this quilt was I tried to block it as there is a bit of a wave on one side and blow me down the ###### red ran. After a bit of a panic I remembered that I had some colour catchers that I had bought a few years ago in the states and surprising enough even knew where they were. They saved the day and collected the reds and saved the quilt from the rubbish which is where it was going to go if the reds ran.