Saturday, February 16, 2013

Easy Street update

I'm on a roll. I took these photos a couple of weeks ago just hadn't taken the thingy out of the camera to update the blog.
Well the quilt top is finished just need to get it quilted. The photos are taken before I added the border if I had realised how big this quilt was ( the measurements were there my fault) I wouldn't have needed to put a border on it. But as I'd bought the fabric especially I had to use it. The lumpy bit on the bottom right hand corner is tabby the cat not happy being disturbed during her all day except mealtimes nap

A little bit of shopping

Yesterday I went up to Palmerston North to check out what was on offer at the Craft Show.
As you can see I helped out the economy. I spent a lot more than I intended but am very pleased with what I did buy
10 fat quarters for a little boys I spy quilt my hubby has asked me to make for one of his clients. Hopefully I won't need any more fabric for this quilt

A few more fat quarters this time batiks that are going into a wedding quilt for a friend of my daughters the wedding is in March so I will be getting on with that this week

This is exciting a small iron and stand that I can take to classes and retreats I now need to look for a small ironing board. I know these are going to be well used.

And some cat fabric that I am going to cut up for a one block wonder kaleidoscope quilt, most of the ladies in my Monday Muncher quilting group are making one of these which we are starting this monday. They don't know mine is cut up and all the blocks are sewn as there are only 2 rulers for about 8 of us I thought it might be sensible to get started so others can cut theirs out on Monday. It didn't take too long as I made my blocks a bit bigger than the last time I made one and the cats look great.
I also bought a template for the arcs of a wedding ring quilt I have always wanted to make one of these interesting it was $28.00 at the show and when I was looking on line for photos of the quilt I came acoss the same ruler for $14.99 in Australia. I do feel a bit cheated.
But what  a great day now I am thinking about going to the show in Hamilton later in the year.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cat quilt update

So my friends cat thought a cat quilt must have meant it was for him. I don't know the name of this cat as there are 3 cats very similar living with the quilt owner. She would be horrified to read this lucky she doesn't know I have a blog,

But he does look very cute