Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I'm back

HhWell here I am again I totally lost all interest in quilting but thanks to a class on Saturday it came home with me.
So I have almost finished a quilt for a.friend who was 60 at the end of June. I had been avoiding contacting her as I wanted to be able to give her the quilt. It has to be finished for Monday as I have booked the long arm machine to quilt it. So no more procrastinating.

These 2 quilts  are ones that were finished a while ago . This one was a challenge that a group I belong to did we had the fabric supplied bad had to make 12, or 6 inch blocks.

This is the fabric we used

It took me ages to sort out a setting for the blocks but I think it looks really good.
We decided to donate it to our local hospice who are delighted to have it and are always needing quilts so luckily I had this quilt here as well
It's a kaleidoscope quilt I did in a class that I haven't really liked and was waiting for someone needing a quilt to give it too.

In a couple of days I might even post what I did at the symposium in Taupo last month