Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Xmas to all my friends hope you have a wonderful day full of family friends and laughter.
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Well here she is back home and ready to go again

All you ladies with large sewing rooms look here this is mine a small corner of a bedroom where I am sleeping at the moment as I have a cough that does not like me laying down so I cough all night and poor DH is getting disturbed not as much as me though.

I've been making lots of these filler blocks to go between the nine patch swap my quilting group did this year I think I must be half way there I need to make over 300 can't remember the exact amount I worked out.
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

My sewing machine has decided it's been over used and us now not working the way it should be so I've taken it to the quilt shop I bought it from.
it will be ready next Tuesday so I'll have 10 days without a machine. Think about all the things I will actually get down around the place lots of gardening and sorting out cupboards all the jobs i have been meaning to do.
And blog hopping.

While playing around on blogs yesterday I can across a new BOM starting on the 1st of January featuring Celtic designs.

So go on over and have a look

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I had lunch with a friend the other day at the cafe in the rose gardens at the Botanical gardens thought you would like to see some of the beautiful roses and the baby ducks waiting on the fountain to be filled again after cleaning
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

On xmas morning the neonatel ward is decorated in a xmas theme all the babies will have on a little red had and booties like these there is also a gift on each of the babies beds for the babies including a quilt
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Hospital quilts

On Wednesday we handed over all the quilts for the childrens ward at the hospital here are some of the displays.
Sue was asked to make 60 and there were a60 handed over.
They made a wonderful display.
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

On this Wednesday we will be handing over all the quilts that have been made for the childrens ward at Wellington hospital these are my contribution. My friend Sue from has been busy organising all the quilts. I don't know how she does it runs a business from home has 3 special needs children and still she is able to give more of herself.

Last Thursday night was our smas break up at quilting guild go over to Jenny's blog to read about it. What a great night they had a competion of guessing the name of the xmas carol after a line or two was played, I thought I was good on carol's but no I am not didn't guess many of them at all. after. Also check out her blog always something going on.
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More Giraffe Quilts

Posted by PicasaSome more giraffe quilts for gifts I now only have one left looks like some more need to be made. I don't mind as they are such fun to make I love the bright colors

Monday, October 4, 2010

I was soooo busy last week it was our guild quilt show here's a glimpse of the quilts hanging. They are all so wonderful it was a real pleasure helping to hang them.

My favourite quilt beautifully made.
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Last week Kylie Bolt and I popped into the Botanical gardens here in Wellington and were greeted by a wonderful display of tulips.
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Here is the promised photo of my quilt interesting that I hadn't taken a photo of it previously. I have just designed a word document that I can load photos into and am making a quilt journal. I'll print the pages off and put them into a folder with the plastic inserts and I will finally have a record of all the quilts I've made.
Today I spent the day at a friends and used her long arm quiling machine and quilted 4 baby quilts will take a photo once the binding is on them.
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Prize winning quilt

Well this is me looking really excited what a dreadful photo maybe because I really hate having my photo taken.
Anyway I won my quilt won Best of Show in my guild Pinestream quilt show. Actually I was probably still not recovered from the shock as i couldn't believe I'd won. See the cup I'm holding I really won.
The batteries in the camera decided to finally die on me so I haven't a larger photo of my quilt strangely I didn't take one when I'd finished it so when Bob comes to see the quilt next weekend I'll take a better photo. You really need to see the whole quilt.
My friend Jenny mananged to get a better photo so hop over there and see and read her excellent blog which she keeps up to date.
So can't bet that one can ya.

I also had a wonderful weekend the ladies from the Pinestream quilt guild in Upper Hutt are such a lovely lot I enjoyed their company at yet another of their retreats. I managed to get a lot of quilting done and when I have bought the new camera batteries I will post photos. And as usual the food was delicious and plentiful.
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Friday, August 6, 2010

Well I've managed to complete the centre of the quilt. Stupidly I had left the rest of the quilt on the floor and someone had let the dog out of the kitchen where is is banished at night time, and somehow she managed to get into the lounge and went to the toilet on the quilt blocks. We have had toileting issues with Bolt since we got her but I had just been saying she was improving. So I take it all back.
Finished no 2 block of the Block of the Month from the Fat Quarter Shop love the colours that have been chosen. Guess no 3 block won't be far away.
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

My latest Quilt

Posted by PicasaThis quilt is moving on very slowly considering I need to take it up to my friend who is going to quilt it for me on Monday. I have decided to put it in the Wellington quilt show and hand in for all quilts is at the end of this month. I have had a horrible cold this week and the motivation has been a bit on the slow side but I will have heaps of time over the weekend as DH will be at a few sporting events and won't be required to take me out for coffee.

Fredi the cat was not too impressed with my layout and preferred her way not too sure about it myself.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Here it is the third little giraffe quilt luckily the recipient was a boy who has been named Lennox. After two daughters the parents are thrilled with a son. I am looking forward to meeting the little chap.
I actually did some quilting this morning went to a friends house to try and finish a quilt for a friends mum who has been diagnosed with Motor Neuron disease. Its almost finished I thought we might have got it finished this morning but had to hurry home to meet a dog trainer who has ideas of how we can actually get Bolt toilet trained actually it's common sense but don't look forward to the 4 am start!!!!!! Bags not me for that one.
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