Monday, May 24, 2010

Had an early morning this morning took DS1 to the airport he's off to Canada with a years working permit. He's meet a lovely girl from Terrrace and going to be with her. Good luck hope it all works out for both of you. Do you think you might let me be your facebook friend again Sam?????????????

So what else to do with an early start just as well it has taken me most of the day to get this Mariners Compass homework from my first class done. Tomorrow I'll do the centre which was what was the second class I was at the Bathurst Squilters retreat and missed it. So of course I procrastionated and am paying for it now. I decided not to worry about the homework till this week not the best idea especially as I put the fabric and class notes somewhere safe and still haven't found them. Luckily I went to the class with a friend and was able to copy her notes. I know the bag with the class bits in will turn up now. But I am pleased with this version love the colours, they are not really my colours so this is it most of my reds are gone now.
I'll be able to show you the completed block when finished. I might wait till Friday as that's flaunt day
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

friday Flaunt late again

These are 2 baby quilts I have made for I guess you would call them my hubbys clients he asked for quilts and of course I was able to drop everything else I was making and made 3. I need to buy some more cotton batting to finish the last one and I will get it quilted by my friend Sue(http:// who has a long arm as hubby was a bit disappointed I did these myself. But I think they are cute and I did enjoy making them I'm going to make a few more and have a supply for when needed.
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Friday Flaunt

As I haven't been flaunting for quite some time I have a flaunts for the next few weeks.

This quilt was a block of the month can't remember who by now but took ages when I finished it didn't know what I should do with it and Bam my SIL was diagnosed with breast cancer so she was thrilled to get it. And I was so pleased it found a good home

These bags were gifts I gave to my angel and mortal in the angel swap at the Bathurst retreat I love the pattern and will make a few more. The pattern was from Dawn Hayes.
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Uploading all these photo's I came across this photo of Freddi she came to live with us when our second to eldest son came back to live she is such a sweetie. Hopefully he'll forget to take her with him if he leaves home again. Sadly our cats have not been so welcoming to her usually there is a cat screaming match each day.
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I have just arrived home from a few days away at they Southern Cross quilters retreat in Bathurst NSW. Had a great time catching up with old friends and making new ones. There was lots of laughs and great food.
Fancy a letterbox like this?

The Bathurst race track we had to drive part of the way around it to get to our accomodation

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These kangaroo's were in the grounds of where we stayed

The lovely quilt I made to give to the person who travelled the furtherest to the retreat, I received abeautiful quilt last year with New Zealand birds on as I travelled the furtherest
Parking in Bathurst they back into the angle parks, luckily I didn't drive this time.

We stayed at the original goldfields in Sydney.

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