Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sorry folks there is a photo in there that I didn't want to post but I can't remove it  on my IPad there must be a way just can't find it.


After a long absence from blogging I have had no interest in quilting so there has been nothing to show you. Hopefully after this trip I will get my mojo back. I even had a weekend away with quilting friends and achieved nothing. Too many other things happening.
 We are now in Vietnam, my second son is getting married over here. Yesterday was the first of 2 ceremonies it was such an amazing day for us. The grooms family takes gifts in red boxes luckily for us we didn't have to organise this at all.
Josh being younger than the groom was able to partake in carrying the boxes to the wedding he disappeared for a while and came back on a cyclo with his red boxes

Then as the grooms family we all went to the ceremony through the streets of Hanoi on cyclos.

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Wedding Quilt

Sounds like a book by Jennifer Chiaverini.

Here is a photo of the marathon quilt it looks so good
 I love making labels for quilts so found a nice photo of them (stolen from facebook) to add
                       Here they are a married couple. It was a lovely day which I did enjoy.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Its going to be an exciting day

These guys are getting married today its all be so quick we only found out last weekend and here we are today is the big day.

This is a better photo of them looking very happy.  We are thrilled I am so lucky with my sons chose of partners I couldn't have picked better.

My quilting group made them a quilt on Monday I just need to put the label on to it and its finished.
Which is what I had better do now.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I'm back

HhWell here I am again I totally lost all interest in quilting but thanks to a class on Saturday it came home with me.
So I have almost finished a quilt for a.friend who was 60 at the end of June. I had been avoiding contacting her as I wanted to be able to give her the quilt. It has to be finished for Monday as I have booked the long arm machine to quilt it. So no more procrastinating.

These 2 quilts  are ones that were finished a while ago . This one was a challenge that a group I belong to did we had the fabric supplied bad had to make 12, or 6 inch blocks.

This is the fabric we used

It took me ages to sort out a setting for the blocks but I think it looks really good.
We decided to donate it to our local hospice who are delighted to have it and are always needing quilts so luckily I had this quilt here as well
It's a kaleidoscope quilt I did in a class that I haven't really liked and was waiting for someone needing a quilt to give it too.

In a couple of days I might even post what I did at the symposium in Taupo last month

Monday, May 13, 2013

Last Week

On last  Wednesday night I went to the Material Art Show which was held in the foyer at the Wellington hospital. This was a fundraiser for the childrens hospital. There were lots of amazing quilts for sale there I was amazed I had so many for sale. I had given a friend all my donation quilts last year and she thought some of them were suitable for the sale.

So here are mine hope they all sold as it is such a good cause.
Some of them are a bit ugly!



Friday, April 26, 2013

Still Here

Life has been crazy here managed to make a few quilts which I will have to photograph and add to blogger.

I've had a couple of busy days helping my friend Sue who is  now one of the new co-ordinators of fabric-a-brac setting up tables then taking them down again today. That is one thing I do notice getting older is I seem to have lost strength in my arms everything was so heavy. And I was so moany about it. Apart from that it was such a fun day its interesting seeing what people bought and what they were wearing there are so many talented people about.

Anyway back to my quilts these 2 quilts I have donated to our local hospital they are having another quilt sale to raise funds for the childrens ward in May

I will have to get my quilt stands (kids) both home at the same time so i can take photos of what else i have been up to

Friday, March 1, 2013

Wonderful news

We have had excitment at our place Michael my no 2 son is now engaged to Lana and getting married in January 2014. We are thrilled Lana is such a lovely girl I could not have picked better.
I am very lucky my 3 sons have the loveliest girlfriend/ partners (not too sure what they call themselves).  They are getting married in Vietnam so now to save hard for a trip over there. It has meant a couple of changes to our plans this year.  Bob's parents are in their 90's and still going strong so he making his yearly trip the Uk by himself once again I was going to go with him. The most annoying thing was I had lots of places I wanted to visit to see what I could find for our family tree but I am sure they will be there next year and I might be more organised in what I am looking for.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Easy Street update

I'm on a roll. I took these photos a couple of weeks ago just hadn't taken the thingy out of the camera to update the blog.
Well the quilt top is finished just need to get it quilted. The photos are taken before I added the border if I had realised how big this quilt was ( the measurements were there my fault) I wouldn't have needed to put a border on it. But as I'd bought the fabric especially I had to use it. The lumpy bit on the bottom right hand corner is tabby the cat not happy being disturbed during her all day except mealtimes nap

A little bit of shopping

Yesterday I went up to Palmerston North to check out what was on offer at the Craft Show.
As you can see I helped out the economy. I spent a lot more than I intended but am very pleased with what I did buy
10 fat quarters for a little boys I spy quilt my hubby has asked me to make for one of his clients. Hopefully I won't need any more fabric for this quilt

A few more fat quarters this time batiks that are going into a wedding quilt for a friend of my daughters the wedding is in March so I will be getting on with that this week

This is exciting a small iron and stand that I can take to classes and retreats I now need to look for a small ironing board. I know these are going to be well used.

And some cat fabric that I am going to cut up for a one block wonder kaleidoscope quilt, most of the ladies in my Monday Muncher quilting group are making one of these which we are starting this monday. They don't know mine is cut up and all the blocks are sewn as there are only 2 rulers for about 8 of us I thought it might be sensible to get started so others can cut theirs out on Monday. It didn't take too long as I made my blocks a bit bigger than the last time I made one and the cats look great.
I also bought a template for the arcs of a wedding ring quilt I have always wanted to make one of these interesting it was $28.00 at the show and when I was looking on line for photos of the quilt I came acoss the same ruler for $14.99 in Australia. I do feel a bit cheated.
But what  a great day now I am thinking about going to the show in Hamilton later in the year.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cat quilt update

So my friends cat thought a cat quilt must have meant it was for him. I don't know the name of this cat as there are 3 cats very similar living with the quilt owner. She would be horrified to read this lucky she doesn't know I have a blog,

But he does look very cute

Monday, January 28, 2013

Another finished quilt

I have been sorting out the photo folders on my computer and came across a few quilts I made in 2012 that I didnt show on my blog so here is my favourite. Its from the book Promise Of Joy by Cathy Doherty one of my favourite books. I did enjoy making it I used quite a few Kaffe Fassett fabics and they are always a pleasure to work with

Sunday, January 20, 2013

January update

I managed to finish this quilt last week and give it to the birthday girl. She is a cat lover and was thrilled with it. I was very pleased to actually get the quilt finished and quilted as I had left it till after xmas to really get started as I was procrastionating about how to do the faces and as it turned out they were not so bad