Friday, July 8, 2011

Lyall Bay Beach

Yesterday was such a beautiful winters day that after I had taken my 16 year old son clothes shopping. I don't know why clothes shopping for someone else is not as interesting as looking for fabric. Anyway it wasn't too bad he has grown out of all his tee shirts and hoodies, the sales were on and I got off lightly 3 tee shirts and a nice hoodie later we were able to escape the shopping mall.
Poor Bolt had been locked in the kitchen all morning waiting for her walk since I had the car she is allowed in we went around to Lyall Bay Beach which dogs are allowed on about half the beach. You can see ti is a beautiful beach we are so lucky that dogs are allowed on this beach as there are not many beaches in Wellington dogs are allowed to run freely.

And yes I think she enjoyed herself luckily there were quite a few other dogs to play with

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mums 80th

Posted by PicasaI've just come back from another quick trip to Hastings where my parents live and remembered I had these wonderful photos we took at the beginning of June when it was my mother's birthday.

We were so lucky it was a lovely day rather hot which is very unusual for June in New Zealand.

The first photos is the birthday girl and my youngest son Josh. Then a family photo which hasn't got my middle son Michael in it as he was unable to come with us.

And the last is the Mission vineyard where we went for lunch such a lovely spot.

Retreat weekend

Had another productive weekend last weekend at our guild retreat managed to finish 2 of the top quilt they are both the same using a Kiwiana panel cut up, sashed with bright colours and black and white sashings. One is going to Korea to my nephew's baby its not due till January I am so organised.!!! This time anyway. I made another just because I had 2 panels so will either give it to the hospital for the childrens ward or keep it myself.

I got the top together well almost for the Block of the month from the Fatquarter shop I have enjoyed working with the bright colours and another early one as its a xmas quilt.

I actually managed to workout the layout for this muddle with a lot of help but forgot to take a photo anyway this quilt was a challenge that was meant to be finished in May 2011 I'm getting there. For some reason I have not enjoyed making this quilt it has been a struggle all the way through.

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Just a quick post for the aussie girls these bananas were $4.08 not bad compared to what you are paying over in Australia. And they are delicious

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