Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Even though I haven't been blogging I have been quilting i started the quilt above just before xmas and its gone to Auckland for a wedding over the weekend. It's been made using the last of my Kaffe Fassett stash ( yes I know what that means need to buy more) using some blocks my daughter had made for her quilt. It looks good I did wonder whenI was putting it together. On the back is the quil ting pattern Sticky Bun I choose when doing the quilt on my friend Sue's long arm machine. It's my favourite at the moment think I will have to stop using it.

The above quilt is one using almost the last of my Japanese fabrics the pattern is called Vanetien Dream and its out of a Fon's and Porter magazine. I am donating it to the hospice my quilting guild has been making quilts for.
And there is naughty Freddi wanting to bring a gift in the cat door lucky for me I saw her coming and was able to lock the cat door. This is one part of owning a cat I hate. Bird Murdering. This poor little thing was dead when it got here as we had a look and it was too late to do anything
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Jenny said...

Haven't you been busy! Great to see all your lovely quilts.

Leeann said...

I do the same to my cat Oscar (locking him out) he has been getting baby mice lately.