Sunday, December 9, 2012

Oh my goodness

I came across this blog today and Ithink this has to be added to my to do list.
This quilt is so lovely each hexagon is 4mm I was thinking I might do 1/4 of an inch.
Hubby of course is not intersted in my new project just wondered how many more I want to make. And how much more room I am planning on taking up. I had to point out to him the rooms that do not have my quilting things in. Which was good for me as there is more room for me.
Tomorrow whem I am out I think I'll be looking for hexagon papers And I don't have enough big pieces of blue.Add caption


Jenny said...

Hexagons certainly seem to be taking over the quilting world. This design is lovely - but such a lot of work.
Not for me, a bit too fiddly for my fat fingers.

Do let us all know how the quilt progesses.

jacaranda said...

WoW!!! amazing. Reminds me of the floor of a Mosque. Beautiful. Someone has a lot of patience.

SoozieSuzy said...

What intricate work! When I spotted the photo before I enlarged it, I was reminded of Italian millefiori...absolutely gorgeous.

Jenny said...

Yes though I am thinking of and wanting to make this quilt I think it might be a bit beyond my patience levels