Saturday, December 28, 2013


After a long absence from blogging I have had no interest in quilting so there has been nothing to show you. Hopefully after this trip I will get my mojo back. I even had a weekend away with quilting friends and achieved nothing. Too many other things happening.
 We are now in Vietnam, my second son is getting married over here. Yesterday was the first of 2 ceremonies it was such an amazing day for us. The grooms family takes gifts in red boxes luckily for us we didn't have to organise this at all.
Josh being younger than the groom was able to partake in carrying the boxes to the wedding he disappeared for a while and came back on a cyclo with his red boxes

Then as the grooms family we all went to the ceremony through the streets of Hanoi on cyclos.

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jacaranda said...

All the red looks fantastic Jenny, so colourful. Enjoy your holiday in Vietnam. Best wishes to the couple.