Friday, July 8, 2011

Lyall Bay Beach

Yesterday was such a beautiful winters day that after I had taken my 16 year old son clothes shopping. I don't know why clothes shopping for someone else is not as interesting as looking for fabric. Anyway it wasn't too bad he has grown out of all his tee shirts and hoodies, the sales were on and I got off lightly 3 tee shirts and a nice hoodie later we were able to escape the shopping mall.
Poor Bolt had been locked in the kitchen all morning waiting for her walk since I had the car she is allowed in we went around to Lyall Bay Beach which dogs are allowed on about half the beach. You can see ti is a beautiful beach we are so lucky that dogs are allowed on this beach as there are not many beaches in Wellington dogs are allowed to run freely.

And yes I think she enjoyed herself luckily there were quite a few other dogs to play with

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wackywoman said...

I can't believe how Bolt has grown. Gorgeous dog. You live in a lovely place.