Friday, March 1, 2013

Wonderful news

We have had excitment at our place Michael my no 2 son is now engaged to Lana and getting married in January 2014. We are thrilled Lana is such a lovely girl I could not have picked better.
I am very lucky my 3 sons have the loveliest girlfriend/ partners (not too sure what they call themselves).  They are getting married in Vietnam so now to save hard for a trip over there. It has meant a couple of changes to our plans this year.  Bob's parents are in their 90's and still going strong so he making his yearly trip the Uk by himself once again I was going to go with him. The most annoying thing was I had lots of places I wanted to visit to see what I could find for our family tree but I am sure they will be there next year and I might be more organised in what I am looking for.


wackywoman said...

So excited for you Jenny!

jacaranda said...

Fantastic news Jenny, congratulations to the happy couple. A wedding in Vietnam, sounds great.