Friday, April 26, 2013

Still Here

Life has been crazy here managed to make a few quilts which I will have to photograph and add to blogger.

I've had a couple of busy days helping my friend Sue who is  now one of the new co-ordinators of fabric-a-brac setting up tables then taking them down again today. That is one thing I do notice getting older is I seem to have lost strength in my arms everything was so heavy. And I was so moany about it. Apart from that it was such a fun day its interesting seeing what people bought and what they were wearing there are so many talented people about.

Anyway back to my quilts these 2 quilts I have donated to our local hospital they are having another quilt sale to raise funds for the childrens ward in May

I will have to get my quilt stands (kids) both home at the same time so i can take photos of what else i have been up to

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jacaranda said...

Love your 2 quilts Jenny. Glad you enjoyed your day with Sue. I feel the same way, feeling a little bit older and weaker in the limbs. We can grow old gracefully.