Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 3 making herself at home.
Thankfully the cats are not so petrified and are coming inside, even if their eyes are just about popping out of their heads.
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Jeannette said...

Bolt looks lovely I cannot wait to meet him

Kylie said...

haha those bolt tales are hilarious
just wait till i get there probably the dog and cats wont come in
my blog is updated

wackywoman said...

His name is bolt? And, he has his own quilt? More spoilt than mine. Not. He (I hope it is a he, oh well) is beautiful jenny.

DianneSahakian Dolls, Minidolls, Crafts said...

Hi Jenny I rad about all your animals, the cat you got a couple of weeks ago will get used to the others and they will all get used to your dog bolt. Then they will even all be playing together, give them time. Bolt will get used to the routine of your house. May be he was abandoned by his old owner and thinks you will do the same. You may have to teach him his manners and what you expect but he will become a perfect dog for you. Love and Hugs Dianne